Catch Your Breath

Crystal Brass Knuckles (Forever)

See No Evil

Love Hard

I Will Destroy You with My Unrelenting Love

Soften the Blow

She’s Something Else

Holding it Together

Marrow of My Bone

Tear Jerker

After the Storm

Mourning Lace II

Mourning Lace I


For the Life of Me


Dark Knuckles

Suck it Up (Hyperventilation Bag) II

Holding Onto Black Metal

Super Clear

Stud Cloud

Mourning Lace (Star)


Glory Bent

Mourning Lace (Thanks)


For the Life of Me

We are the Champions II

You Have to Believe We are Magic

Can’t Say the Right Thing

Back to Black

Heart of Gold

Crystal Brass Knuckles

Beat It

Crystal Nunchucks

Cross My Heart

Ghost Hand

Love Side


Hard to Swallow

Tooth and Nail 2018

Speak Up

We Are the Champions

Lace Throwing Star

You Twist Me Up in Knots


Tooth and Nail

Burn Out



Root Language

Hell Bent II

Crystal Brass Knuckles (Aura Blow)

First Taste

Glory Bent

I’m Your Venus

I Need A Cape and I Need It Now

Wonders Never Cease

Face Down (About to Get Up and Fight)

Shut it

Tip of My Tongue


A Little Bit Like Fun


Conflicted Bliss

Wind Knocked In

Breastplate (Reveal)

Breastplate (Shielded)

Breastplate (Voice in my Chest)

Venus Saved Me


Lean (bust),

Devil Horns Crystal Brass Knuckles (Lefty)


Unapologetic Glory

Coming up for air

In the Marrow of my Bone

Bracing Air II

Kleenex + Crystal

Untitled (fauxhawk)

Take Your Medicine


Book: Wanting is Easier Than Having

So Proud of You – 2009

Wanting Is Easier Than Having – 2011

All I Ever Wanted – 2014


So Proud of You


Meet in the Middle

Drown Me In You

Bracing Air

Soft Landing (or crashing and burning)

Crystal Brass Knuckles II

Eye on the Prize

Me and You

Mic Drop

Thin Ice

Head Like a Hole

Almost Better

Devil Horn Crystal Brass Knuckles (mosh safely)


Love Me Tender

Debbie Downer

In the Ruff

Big Mouth

Let her have her glory

Icy Hot

I Saved Venus

Hoping Something Pure Can Last (Obsession Interrupted)


From the Hip

Sun Starved (Disco Shadow)

Like Your Life Depends On It

Untitled (You Light Up My Life)

That’s What She Said

Hell Bent

Join (it will stop screaming if you let go of it)

You have to believe we are magic

Palate Cleanse (big dumb heart)


False Hope

Dust Mask (Catching My Breath)

Love Makes Me Dumb (snowed)

Knuckle (quartz)

Suck It Up (hyperventilation bag)

Launching Pad

Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)

Stitches hold my junk together

Outkast Gave Me An Asthma Attack, 2007

Untitled (speed bag), 2007

Speed bag (love tap), 2007

Knot, 2007

Untitled (Gene Simmons Inspires Me), 2006

Brass Knuckles/Tongue (Hurts so Good), 2007

Here I go again not on my own

You turn me inside out like a glove

Untitled (open/end)